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26-27 OCTOBER 2024



1VS1 & 2VS2

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28-30 OCTOBER 2024



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All dancers wishing to participate in the World of Dance Romania competition, regardless of the chosen category, will have to send to WOD Romania, the name of their team and a video recording of a recent moment of the competitor/team (maximum 1 minute), a recent photo, as well as 2-3 lines for the description of the crew. 

Also, each applicant must provide WOD Romania with the main contact name, e-mail and phone number.

Without a video selection no contestant can participate in the competition.

The video for selection can be from the team’s last performance or a video from a rehearsal. Unfortunately, we cannot accept videos of dance classes as selection videos. Videos from dance classes will not be selected.

World of Dance Romania will examine each moment and will select the participating teams, those selected will receive the confirmation answer from World Of Dance ROMANIA in order to register in the competition.

For participants in Battles and Workshops and for teams participating at the invitation of the organizer, video selection is not required.

The selection of videos will be made from 15.07.2024 until 15.08.2024, 23:59. Any video submitted after 15.08.2024 will not be considered for this edition.


Within the WOD Romania Championship Series, the participation categories are divided into two areas – Competition and Showcase, as well as a separate category called All Styles Battle.


The routines of the categories below are evaluated by a specialized jury.

  • JUNIOR DIVISION (Age: 6-18) – 1- 4 dancers (solo, duo, trio, quartet)
  • UPPER DIVISION (Age: 18+) – 1- 4 dancers (solo, duo, trio, quartet)
  • JUNIOR TEAM DIVISON (Age: 6-18) – 5+ dancers (group/formation)
  • TEAM DIVISION (Age: all ages) – 5+ dancers (group/formation)

The age of the participant must respect the rules imposed by these rules and will refer to the actual age of the competitor on the day of the World Of Dance Romania competition. Failure to do so will result in the disqualification of your team and its elimination.



If there are six (6) or fewer teams registered in the Junior Team Division competition, those teams will be moved to the Team Division to compete in the All Age Group and the Junior Division category will be excluded from WOD qualification.


ATTENTION: Those who perform in this category will not be evaluated by the jury.

Participants in this category can showcase their routines in the Romania World of Dance Championship Series and thus join the brand and the international community.

Participants in the Showcase category can present their routines according to the same rules of participation as those presented in the categories that are part of the competition, with the specification that for this category there is no time limit for the routine presented.

SHOWCASE DIVISION videos will be posted on the official YouTube channel ‘World Of Dance’.

Attention: Depending on the number of entries in the competition, the organizer Romania World Of Dance Championship Series, reserves the right to select and limit entries in this category.


All Styles Battle is a 1vs1 and 2vs2 category and is open to all dancers, both men and women. Dancers will dance impromptu to any style and rhythm of music selected by the Battle DJ. Judges appointed by the organizer will evaluate the quality of the performance, musicality, dance technique and personality of the dancers.


Only the winners of the Junior Team and Team Division who will be ranked 1st, 2nd or 3rd and who have obtained a final score over 80 points out of a maximum total of 100 points will be invited to participate in the World Of Dance 2025 World Finals.

In case the first three ranked teams do not exercise their intention to travel to the World Finals in the USA, the next three ranked teams (4th, 5th and 6th place) can qualify to represent Romania, only if they meet the condition related to obtaining the minimum score of 80 points.

Junior teams will compete in the same category in which they qualified, provided that their age is the same as above at the time of qualification. For example, if a dancer is 17 years old and competes in the Romanian WOD junior division on 05.11.2022, but turns 18 on 01.01.2023, they will still be able to compete in the junior division in the 2024 WOD finals because we take into account the age category they qualified in (not their age in 2024).

If the winning teams have competed and qualified in more than one country, they can select the country they will represent at the World Finals.

World of Dance reserves the right to invite any team to the WOD Finals. Videos of all routines will be posted on the official YouTube WOD channels.


All participants entered in the competition, regardless of place and final score, can participate in 2025 at the World Dance Summit – a 5-day event that will include The World Showcase, The Summit Games and Master Classes, culminating in the World Of Dance Finals 2025. 

Details of the World Dance Summit will be stipulated in Annex 1 to these regulations.



All referees will evaluate each team according to the following criteria:

Execution: 20% (20 points out of 100)

  • energy
  • stage show
  • ability to impress

Technique: 20% (20 points out of 100)

  • dance clarity
  • dynamics of movements
  • execution
  • basics of style
  • body control
  • timing/synchronisation 

Choreography: 20% (20 points out of 100)

  • originality of movements
  • creativity of choreography
  • concept
  • variety of techniques used
  • musicality

Creativity: 20% (20 points out of 100)

  • musical selection
  • spatialization
  • topic
  • performance

Presentation: 20% ((20 points out of 100)

  • costume
  • hairstyle and makeup
  • attitude/expression

Unapproved props – 1 point from each judge (up to 5 points deducted from the final result)

Music longer than 6 minutes – 0.5 points per second in allowed time.

Vulgarity, profanity in music – 0.5 points for each bad word.

If the music file is altered on the day of the competition and violates the language and/or time rules, your team will be disqualified from participating in future World of Dance events and will be disqualified.

Poorly executed tricks – 1 point per trick; poorly executed or incorrectly completed trick (at the discretion of the Head Judge and, if necessary, by decision of all judges)

The use of liquid or open fire and pyrotechnics – DISQUALIFICATION


There will be 5 judges, therefore, the calculation of the final score of a routine will be done following the Olympic style of judging as follows:


The scores for the criteria are summed for each judge separately. This gives the final score for each judge.

From the scores of all judges, the maximum and minimum scores are eliminated.

All the remaining scores of the other three judges are averaged to get a final score.


– total score of judge 1: 60 points

– total score of judge 2: 70 points

– total score of judge 3: 80 points

– total score of judge 4: 90 points

– total score of judge 5: 40 points

Eliminate: highest score-90 (judge 4) and lowest score-40 (judge 5)

Final competitor/team score: (60+70+80) / 3 judge = 70 points


The Head Judge will calculate the final score in Olympic format, where the lowest and highest total scores will not be taken into account.

After calculating the average total score of the team, the tie-breaker in case of a tie will be as follows:

– Average technical scores. If it’s still a tie,

– Average performance scores. If it’s still a tie,

– Average choreography scores. If it’s still a tie,

– Average attractiveness scores for creativity. If we still have a tie,

– Average appeal scores on presentation. If we still have a tie,

– Majority vote of the judges by show of hands

** Each competing team may request to see the score sheets immediately after the Awards Ceremony.


The registration of participants to the World Of Dance Romania Championship Series takes place in a special registration system by accessing a link provided by the organizer (TBA), on the website

Registration in the competition will take place between 16.08.2024 – 15.09.2024

When registering for the competition, all fees must be paid. 

When registering you must provide the following information:

Link to the video for the selection;

Name of contestant/crew and link to their Instagram (if any);

Choreographer’s name and link to Instagram

Full name and date of birth for each dancer;

Duration of the routine;

Specify props (if any) to perform. Describe it briefly and indicate the approximate size;


If props are used, all props must go through a verification process. The World of Dance Romania team must approve all props before the registration deadline. In order to get approval, please describe the props and indicate the total dimensions in your application. “Props”.

All props considered heavy or oversized by the organizer must be left backstage BEFORE the event begins, without blocking access to the stage for other participants. During the event, any movement of oversized or heavy props is not possible.

Your full list of competitors and presentation lines must be submitted, regardless of your score in the competition, so that all participants can be invited to the World Dance Summit 2025.

The soundtrack required for the routine recorded in the competition may be added at the time of the recording or later, without exceeding the deadline specified in these rules. 

If the soundtrack does not meet the organizer’s requirements, we will notify you by e-mail.

After submitting the above information, please wait and check the status of your application. WOD Romania management will check your application (Please note that this procedure may take a few days).

If the application meets the requirements, it will be approved and you will receive a confirmation email and a competition registration number, as well as details of how to pay the registration fees. Payment will be made to your bank account. No cash payment will be accepted. Payment of all fees will be made in lei at the BNR exchange rate on the day of payment.

If your application does not pass the video selection, a message about the rejection of your registration request will be sent to the email address you specified during registration.

Once your application is approved for participation, you must pay the full fee for the completion of the registration. 

Attention!!! Registration may be closed without warning at any time due to full occupancy of available spots in divisions!


For Junior Division, Upper Division, Junior Team Division, Team Division categories. Registration fees for participants will be of 250ron/dancer.

If a dancer performs in more than one division, he/she will pay the fee for each additional moment for which he/she performs. 

These fees are independent of the Battle category fees

  • For the All Styles Battle category, registration fees for participants will be of 250ron/dancer. 



All participants must submit the mix for the routine they registered with by 05.10.2024.

All audio files must be in mp3, m4a, wav format.

Participants must independently check soundtracks for the presence of profanity – profanity is unacceptable! The World of Dance Romania organising team has the right to additionally check the music screening process.

For the use of vulgar words in the phonogram, judges will deduct points!

  • For JUNIOR DIVISION & UPPER DIVISION categories, the duration of the phonogram must not exceed 2 minutes.
  • For JUNIOR TEAM DIVISION & TEAM DIVISION categories, the duration of the phonogram must not exceed 6 minutes.
  • For the SHOWCASE category, there is no time limit.

If the music does not meet the conditions, you will be notified by email and the music file may be replaced. Please respect the deadline of 05.10.2024.

Pay attention to the selection rules! If your team is asked to clean and resubmit the music file more than twice, you will be excluded from the event.

Teams that do not submit their music by the deadline may be excluded from the event or incur additional costs (at the Stage Manager’s discretion).

** After the music has been approved, on the day of the event, each team must have a spare USB drive with the crew name on it. The music file on the spare USB drive must be the same file that was previously approved. If the music file is different and violates the language and/or timing rules, dancers will not be allowed to perform and may be banned from future World of Dance events.


Each event participant pays a registration fee, unless otherwise stipulated by the organizer. If the choreographer of the dance team performs with the team, he/she will not pay the registration fee. If the choreographer does not perform with his/her team, he/she will have free access to the event.


Submission of applications is subject to deadlines! After the deadline, the financial conditions of participation may change.


To request a fee refund, send an email with the subject “REFUND” to In the e-mail you must specify the reason for the refund, the registration number assigned and your contact details.

No refunds will be made if:

Reimbursement is requested after the event has taken place.

Participants do not show up on the day of the event, regardless of the reason for this decision.

In other cases, we consider refunds within 2 weeks. The organizer of WOD Romania reserves the right not to refund the fee, if he considers that the reason for the refund request is contrary to these rules.

If the refund decision is positive, then in this case a maximum of 50% of the amount paid will be refunded or 100% of the amount paid will be transferred to the participation in the Romania World Of Dance Championship Series to be held in 2025.

We consider the following cases for reimbursement:

Cancellation of participation in the event due to force majeure (quarantine restrictions, state of emergency or martial law, etc.)

In the case of reimbursement, the operation will be carried out within 30 working days from the planned date of the event.

Refunds are only made to the natural or legal person who made the initial payment. No refunds will be made to individual members of teams (groups).

Our refund policy ensures a seamless experience for participants in our dance workshops. In the unlikely event that a scheduled teacher is unavailable, we are committed to providing a smooth solution. A replacement choreographer of equal expertise will be promptly arranged to ensure the workshop’s continuity. Please note that under such circumstances, the workshop fee will not be eligible for reimbursement, as we are dedicated to offering a valuable dance learning experience through alternative arrangements. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we strive to maintain the highest quality of instruction for all participants.


All participants must receive a wristband to enter the event.

On 25.10.2024, a representative of the dance studio or the choreographer of the registered dancers will have to attend the technical meeting prior to the event. At the technical meeting he/she will receive from the organizer, the package containing the access bracelets for all registered dancers, the final schedule of the two-day event and will receive all additional information related to the WOD Romania competition.

The place and time of the technical session will be further announced on the event’s communication channels (facebook, instagram)


All spectators and accompanying persons can purchase tickets. Information on ticket prices and a link to purchase tickets will be available on the event’s social media pages and website.


The number of tickets is limited.

Ticket sales may be closed at any time without notice.

On the day of the event, no tickets will be available for purchase.


Size of the main stage working area: 12m wide, 09m minimum depth. *can be rearranged and extended up to 14m wide and 10m deep.

Due to time constraints, technical rehearsals CANNOT be held on the main stage.


There will be 2 (two) rooms inside the venue building (separate male/female), which participants can use to leave their outerwear. Any free space outside the actual competition hall may be used for changing into stage costumes, but without obstructing the spaces related to fire exits.

  1. AWARDS 

Romania World Of Dance Championship Series awards prizes to the dance teams whose participants have placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each division.

The team that will accumulate the highest score of the WOD Romania 2024 edition, among the First Place Winners of the Junior Team Division and Team Division categories and that cumulatively meet the condition of obtaining a minimum score of 80 points, will receive the Grand Trophy of the Competition consisting of a cash prize. The value of the prize will be announced on the media channels. 

Additional prizes will be awarded in some categories for best theme, best costume and audience reaction. Awards for each category will be announced on the media channels of the WOD Romania event (facebook, instagram)

The prizes awarded are taxable and are taxed according to the legal regulations in force in Romania.


Attention: By registering as a participant, you have read and accept the following terms and conditions:

The organisers strongly recommend that all participants have health insurance valid at the time of the event. In case of injury to participants during the festival, the organisers, in the absence of such insurance, are not responsible for the health of participants.

If you need documents confirming your presence at our event, please inform the organizers in advance so that they can be prepared in time.

The organizers are not responsible for accidents of participants or other persons during the event.

The person registering one or more participants must first obtain official permission from the persons or official representatives of the persons they are registering to disclose personal data in the registration system. A person who registers one or more participants is not entitled to place personal data of other persons without obtaining official permission from these persons or their legal representatives.

A person who registers one or more participants is considered the official representative of the participants registered by him.

This public agreement applies to any registered participant in the event and any visitor to the event.

By registering yourself or your dance team members, you and your team members automatically consent to the processing of personal data.

Any personal data received during the registration of a participant, spectator, coach or accompanying person will not be transferred to third parties and will be allocated upon request to the official event correspondence.

By completing the registration procedure, you automatically agree that you assume full responsibility for the use of copyright and/or related rights (fragments of musical works and/or musical works in their entirety) and all possible disputes and/or claims of copyright holders will be resolved by you independently (without the Organizer’s involvement) in accordance with the procedure established by the Romanian legislation in force. The Organizers and partners of the WOD Romania event are not responsible for your use of copyrights and/or related rights during the event and the display of these events in real time and/or in the Internet recording.

By completing the registration process, you fully waive all rights to any photo and video materials taken as part of the project that depict you (or your performance) and/or your property and acknowledge the full right of the Organizers to use the above materials at their discretion, including for editorial, commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, by displaying such materials in real time and/or recording them via the Internet, and for any other purposes.

Refunds in case of refusal to participate are considered individually after the event in each case. Refunds may not be made or may not be made in full depending on the Organiser’s decision. The Organiser reserves the right not to make refunds. The Organiser does not compensate any financial and moral loss of participants and spectators. 

By registering for the event, participants and spectators automatically waive all claims against the Organizer. Reimbursements for participation, spectator tickets and Workshop courses, in case of postponement of the event due to force majeure (military action, restrictions on mass events, quarantine, etc.) Funds are deposited by the Organiser for participation in the postponed event. The date and venue of the postponed event will be announced in addition. The Organiser does not compensate any financial and moral loss of participants and spectators. At the time of registration for the event, participants and spectators automatically waive all claims against the Organiser.

Good luck! See you at the World of Dance Championship Series – ROMANIA 2024

Thank you,

Team #WODRO24











TELEFON: +40-770295383








26-27 OCTOMBRIE 2024



1VS1 & 2VS2


NORD Events Center by Globalworth

Strada George Constantinescu 4B, Bucuresti 020339


28-30 OCTOMBRIE 2024




Soseaua Orhideelor nr 1, Bucuresti 060071











Toti dansatorii care doresc sa participe in cadrul competitiei World of Dance Romania, indiferent de categoria aleasa, vor trebui sa trimita catre WOD Romania, numele echipei lor si o inregistrare video a unui moment recent al concurentului/trupei (maxim 1 minut), o poza recenta, precum si 2-3 randuri pentru descrierea trupei. 

Deasemenea, fiecare aplicant trebuie sa furnizeze catre WOD Romania numele contactului principal, e-mail si numar de telefon.

Fara o selectie video niciun concurent nu poate participa in competitie.


Videoclipul pentru selectie poate fi din ultima reprezentatie a echipei sau un videoclip de la o repetitie. Din pacate, nu putem accepta filmari ale cursurilor de dans ca videoclipuri pentru selectie. Videoclipurile de la cursurile de dans nu vor fi selectionate.


World of Dance Romania va examina fiecare moment si va selectiona echipele participante, cei selectionati urmand a primi raspunsul de confirmare din partea World Of Dance ROMANIA in vederea inregistrarii in competitie.


Pentru participantii la Battle-uri si Workshop-uri si pentru echipele care participa la invitatia organizatorului, nu este necesara selectia video.


Selectia videoclipurilor se va face de la data de 15.07.2024 si pana la data de 15.08.2024, ora 23:59. Orice video trimis ulterior datei de 15.08.2024, nu va fi luat in considerare pentru aceasta editie.




In cadrul WOD Romania Championship Series, categoriile de participare sunt impartite in doua zone – Competitie si Showcase, precum si o categorie distincta numita All Styles Battle.




Rutinele categoriilor de mai jos, sunt evaluate de catre un juriu specializat.


  • JUNIOR DIVISION (Varsta: 6-18) – 1- 4 dansatori (solo, duo, trio, quartet)
  • UPPER DIVISION (Varsta: 18+) – 1- 4 dansatori (solo, duo, trio, quartet)
  • JUNIOR TEAM DIVISON (Varsta: 6-18) – 5+ dansatori (grup/formatie)
  • TEAM DIVISION (Varsta: all ages) – 5+ dansatori (grup/formatie)


Varsta participantului trebuie sa respecte regulile impuse de prezentul regulament si va face referire la varsta efectiva a concurentului in ziua competitiei World Of Dance Romania. Nerespectarea acestui lucru va duce la descalificarea echipei dumneavoastra si implicit la eliminarea acesteia.




Daca exista sase (6) sau mai putine echipe inregistrate in competitia Diviziei de juniori (Junior Team Division), acele echipe vor fi mutate in Divizia de echipe (Team Division), pentru a concura in grupa de toate varstele, iar categoria Diviziei de juniori va fi exclusa din calificarea WOD.




ATENTIE: Cei ce vor performa la aceasta categorie,  nu vor fi evaluati de catre juriu.


Participantii la aceasta categorie isi pot prezenta rutina in cadrul Romania World of Dance Championship Series si, astfel, se pot alatura brandului si comunitatii internationale.


Participantii la categoria Showcase, isi pot prezenta rutina respectand aceleasi reguli de participare ca si cele prezentate in categoriile ce fac parte din competie, cu specificatia ca pentru aceasta categorie nu exista limita de timp pentru rutina prezentata


Videoclipurile SHOWCASE DIVISION vor fi postate pe canalul oficial de YouTube .’’World Of Dance’’.


Atentie: In functie de numarul de inregistrari in competitie, organizatorul Romania World Of Dance Championship Series, isi rezerva dreptul de a selectiona si limita inscrierile in aceasta categorie.



All Styles Battle este o categorie de tip 1vs1 si 2vs2 si este deschisa tuturor dansatorilor, atat barbati cat si femei. Dansatorii vor dansa improvizat pe orice stil si ritm de muzica selectat de catre DJ-ul Battle-ului. Arbitrii desemnati de catre organizator, vor evalua calitatea spectacolului, muzicalitatea, tehnica dansului si personalitatea dansatorilor.



Doar castigatorii diviziilor Junior Team si Team Division care vor ocupa locul 1, 2 sau 3 si care au obtinut ca scor final peste 80 de puncte dintr-un total maxim de 100 puncte, vor fi invitati sa participe la Finala Mondiala World Of Dance 2025.

In cazul in care primii trei clasati, nu isi exercita intentia de a face deplasarea la Finala Mondiala din SUA, urmatoarele trei clasate (Locul 4, 5 si 6) se pot califica pentru a reprezenta Romania, numai daca intrunesc si conditia referitoare la obtinerea punctajului minim necesar de 80 puncte scor final.


Echipele de juniori vor concura in aceeasi categorie in care au fost calificate, cu conditia ca vârsta sa fie aceeasi ca mai sus la momentul calificarii. De exemplu, daca un dansator are 17 ani si concureaza in divizia de juniori din Romania WOD pe 05.11.2022, dar implineste 18 ani la 1 ianuarie 2023, va putea concura in continuare in divizia de juniori in finalele WOD 2024 pentru ca luam in considerare categoria de vârsta in care s-au calificat (nu vârsta pe care o au implinita in 2024).


Daca echipele castigatoare au concurat si s-au calificat în mai multe tari, acestea isi pot selecta tara pe care o vor reprezenta la Finala Mondiala.


World of Dance isi rezerva dreptul de a invita orice echipa la Finala WOD. Videoclipurile tuturor rutinelor vor fi postate pe canalele oficiale YouTube WOD.




Toti participantii inscrisi in competitie, indiferent de locul si punctajul final obtinut pot participa in anul 2025 la World Dance Summit – , un eveniment de 4 zile care va include The World Showcase, The Summit Games si Master Classs, eveniment ce va culmina cu World Of Dance Finals 2024. 

Detalii despre World Dance Summit vor fi stipulate in Anexa 1 la prezentul regulament.








Toti arbitrii vor evalua fiecare echipa in functie de urmatoarele criterii:


Executie: 20% (20 puncte din 100)

  • energie
  • spectacol scenic
  • capacitatea de a impresiona

Tehnica: 20% (20 puncte din 100)

  • claritatea dansului
  • dinamica miscarilor
  • executie
  • bazele stilului
  • controlul corpului
  • timming/sincronizare 

Coregrafie: 20% (20 puncte din 100)

  • originalitatea miscarilor
  • creativitatea coregrafiei
  • concept
  • varietate de tehnici folosite
  • muzicalitate

Creativitate: 20% (20 puncte din 100)

  • selectie muzicala
  • spatializare
  • tema
  • performanta

Prezentare: 20% ((20 puncte din 100)

  • costume
  • coafura si machiaj
  • atitudine/expresie






Recuzita neaprobata – 1 punct de la fiecare judecator (pâna la 5 puncte deduse din rezultatul final)

Muzica mai lunga de 6 minute – 0,5 puncte pe secunda in timpul permis.

Vulgaritate, blasfemii in muzica – 0,5 puncte pentru fiecare cuvânt rau.

Daca fisierul muzical este modificat in ziua competitiei si incalca regulile de limba si/sau de timp, echipa dumneavoastra va fi privata de dreptul de a participa la viitoarele evenimente World of Dance si va fi descalificata.


Trick-uri prost executate – 1 punct per trick; trick executat prost sau incorect finalizat (la latitudinea Head Judge-ului si, daca este necesar, prin decizia tuturor  juratilor)

Utilizarea focului lichid sau deschis si pirotehnica – DESCALIFICARE




Vor exista 5 arbitri, drept urmare, calcularea punctajului final al unei rutine, se va face respectand stilul olimpic de jurizare, astfel:



Scorurile pentru criterii sunt insumate pentru fiecare jurat separat. Astfel avem scorul final al fiecarui jurat.

Din punctajele tuturor juratilor, scorurile maxime si minime sunt eliminate.

Toate scorurile ramase ale celorlati trei jurati, sunt mediate pentru a obtine un punctaj final.



– punctajul total al arbitrului 1: 60 puncte

– punctajul total al arbitrului 2: 70 puncte

– punctajul total al arbitrului 3: 80 puncte

– punctajul total al arbitrului 4: 90 puncte

– punctajul total al arbitrului 5: 40 puncte


Eliminam: cea mai mare nota-90 (arbitrul 4) si cea mai mica nota-40 (arbitrul 5)

Scorul final al concurentului/echipei: (60+70+80) / 3 arbitri = 70 de puncte



Head Judge-ul va calcula scorul final în format olimpic, unde nu vor fi luate in considerare cele mai mici si cele mai mari scoruri totale

Dupa ce a fost calculat scorul mediu total al echipei departajarea in caz de egalitate, se va face dupa cum urmeaza:


• Media scorurilor tehnice. Daca tot ramane egalitate,

• Media scorurilor de performanta. Daca tot ramane egalitate,

• Media scorurilor coregrafiei. Daca tot ramane egalitate,

• Media scorurilor de atractie pentru creativitate. Daca tot ramane egalitate,

• Media scorurilor de recurs la prezentare. Daca tot ramane egalitate,

• Votul majoritar al arbitrilor, prin ridicarea mainii

** Fiecare echipa concurenta poate cere pentru vizionare, foile de punctaj imediat dupa acordarea Premiilor Ceremoniei.




Inregistrarea participantilor la World Of Dance Romania Championship Series are loc intr-un sistem special de inregistrare accesand un link furnizat de catre organizator (TBA), pe site-ul

Inregistrarea in competitie se va face in perioada 16.08.2024 – 15.09.2024

In momentul inregistrarii in competitie, toate taxele trebuie sa fie achitate. 


La inregistrare trebuie sa furnizati urmatoarele date:

Link catre videoclipul pentru selectie;

Numele concurentului/trupei si linkul catre Instagram-ul acestuia(daca exista);

Numele coregrafului si link-ul catre Instagram

Numele si prenumele complet precum si data nasterii pentru fiecare dansator;

Durata rutinei;

Specificati recuzita (daca exista) pentru a performa. Descrieti-o pe scurt si indicati dimensiunea aproximativa;




Daca sunt folosite elemente de recuzita, toate elementele de recuzita trebuie sa treaca printr-un proces de verificare. Echipa World of Dance Romania, trebuie sa aprobe toate elementele de recuzita inainte de termenul limita de efectuare a inregistrarilor. Pentru a obtine aprobarea, va rugam sa descrieti elementele de recuzita si sa indicati dimensiunile totale in cererea dvs. „Recuzita”.

Toate recuzitele considerate de catre organizator grele sau supradimensionate trebuie lasate in culise INAINTE de inceperea evenimentului, fara a bloca accesul catre scena a celorlalti participanti. In timpul evenimentului, orice deplasare a recuzitei supradimensionate sau grea nu este posibila.


Lista dvs. completa de concurenti si randurile de prezentare trebuie transmise, indiferent de scorul pe care il veti obtine in competitie, astfel încât toti participantii sa poata fi ulterior invitati la World Dance Summit 2025.


Coloana sonora necesara rutinei inregistrate in competitie poate fi adaugata chiar la inregistrare sau mai tarziu, fara a depasi insa data limita specificata in prezentul regulament. 

Daca coloana sonora nu indeplineste cerintele organizatorului, va vom anunta prin e-mail.


Dupa trimiterea informatiilor de mai sus, asteptati si verificati starea cererii dvs. Conducerea WOD Romania va va verifica aplicatia (Luati in calcul faptul ca aceasta procedura poate dura câteva zile).


Daca cererea indeplineste cerintele, aceasta va fi aprobata si veti primi un email de confirmare si un numar de inregistrare in concurs, precum si detalii legate de plata taxelor aferente inregistrarilor. Plata se va face in cont bancar. Nicio plata cash nu va fi acceptata. Plata tuturor taxelor se va face in lei la cursul BNR din ziua efectuarii platii.

Daca aplicatia dvs nu a trecut de selectia video, un mesaj despre respingerea cererii de inregistrare va fi trimis la adresa de e-mail pe care ati specificat-o in timpul inregistrarii.


Odata ce cererea dvs. este aprobata pentru participare, pentru finalizarea inregistrarii trebuie sa platiti contravaloarea tuturor taxelor aferente. 


Atentie!!! Inscrierile pot fi inchise fara avertisment in orice moment din cauza ocuparii complete a locurilor disponibile in divizii!




Pentru categoriile Junior Division, Upper Division, Junior Team Division, Team Division. Valoarea taxelor de inregistrare pentru participanti va fi de 250 ron/dansator.


Daca un dansator performeaza in mai multe divizii, acesta va plati contravaloarea taxei, pentru fiecare moment in plus pentru care performeaza. 


Aceste taxe sunt independente de taxele aferente categoriei Battle


  • Pentru categoria All Styles Battle, valoarea taxelor de inregistrare pentru participanti va fi de 250ron/dansator. 






Toti participantii trebuie sa trimita pana la data de 05.10.2024, mix-ul pentru rutina cu care s-au inregistrat.

Toate fisierele audio trebuie sa fie in format mp3, m4a, wav.


Participantii trebuie sa verifice in mod independent coloanele sonore pentru prezenta cuvintelor vulgare – blasfemia este inacceptabila! Echipa de organizare World of Dance Romania are dreptul de a verifica, in plus, procesul de screening muzical.

Pentru utilizarea cuvintelor vulgare in fonograma, juratii vor deduce puncte!


  • Pentru categoriile JUNIOR DIVISION & UPPER DIVISION, durata fonogramei nu trebuie sa depaseasca 2 minute.
  • Pentru categoriile JUNIOR TEAM DIVISION & TEAM DIVISION, durata fonogramei nu trebuie sa depaseasca 6 minute.
  • Pentru categoria SHOWCASE, nu exista limita de timp.


Daca muzica nu indeplineste conditiile, veti fi anuntati prin email iar fisierul muzical poate fi inlocuit. Respectati termenul limita de 05.10.2024.


Atentie la regulile de selectie! Daca echipei tale i se cere sa curete si sa retrimita fisierul muzical de mai mult de doua ori, vei fi exclus din eveniment.

Echipele care nu isi trimit muzica pâna la termenul limita pot fi excluse de la eveniment sau pot suporta costuri suplimentare (la discretia directorului de scena).


** Dupa ce muzica a fost aprobata, in ziua desfasurarii evenimentului, fiecare echipa trebuie sa aiba o unitate USB de rezerva cu numele trupei pe ea. Fisierul muzical de pe unitatea USB de rezerva trebuie sa fie acelasi fisier care a fost aprobat anterior. Daca fisierul muzical este diferit si incalca regulile de limba si/sau sincronizare, dansatorilor nu li se va permite sa performeze si ar putea fi interzisi de la viitoarele evenimente World of Dance.




Fiecare participant la eveniment plateste o taxa de inregistrare, cu exceptia cazului in care este stipulat altfel de catre organizator. Daca coregraful echipei de dans performeaza impreuna cu echipa, acesta nu va plati taxa de participare. Daca coregraful nu performeaza cu echipa sa, acesta va avea acces gratuit la eveniment.



Depunerea cererilor este conditionata de termene limita! Dupa expirarea termenului limita, conditiile financiare de participare se pot modifica.




Pentru a solicita o rambursare de taxe, trimiteti un e-mail cu subiectul „RAMBURSARE” la adresa de email In e-mail trebuie sa specificati motivul rambursarii, numarul de inregistrare atribuit si datele dvs. de contact.


Nu se vor face rambursari daca:

Rambursarea se cere ulterior afisarii desfasuratorului evenimentului.

Participantii nu se prezinta in ziua evenimentului, indiferent de motivul care a stat la baza acestei decizii.


In alte cazuri, luam in considerare rambursari in decurs de 2 saptamani. Organizatoriul WOD Romania isi rezerva dreptul de a nu rambursa taxa, daca acesta considera ca motivul cererii de rambursare contravine prezentului regulament.

Daca decizia de rambursare este pozitiva, atunci in acest caz se va rambursa maxim contravaloarea a 50% din suma platita sau 100% din suma platita va fi transferata catre participarea la Romania World Of Dance Championship Series ce va avea loc in anul 2025.


Luam in considerare urmatoarele cazuri pentru rambursare:

Anularea participarii la eveniment din cauza fortei majore (restrictii de carantina, stare de urgenta sau lege martiala etc.)


In cazul rambursarii, operatiunea se va efectua in termen de 30 de zile lucratoare de la data planificata a evenimentului.

Rambursarile se fac numai persoanei fizice sau juridice care a efectuat plata initiala. Nu se vor face rambursari membrilor individuali ai echipelor (grupurilor).


Politica noastră de rambursare asigură o experiență perfectă pentru participanții la workshop-urile noastre de dans. În cazul puțin probabil în care un profesor programat nu este disponibil, ne angajăm să oferim o soluție alternativa. Un coregraf înlocuitor de egală expertiză va fi asigurat prompt pentru a asigura continuitatea programului. Vă rugăm să rețineți că, în astfel de circumstanțe, taxa de workshop nu va fi eligibilă pentru rambursare, deoarece suntem dedicați să oferim o experiență valoroasă de învățare a dansului prin oferirea unei alternative. Satisfacția dumneavoastră rămâne prioritatea noastră principală și ne străduim să menținem cea mai înaltă calitate a instruirii pentru toți participanții.








Toti participantii trebuie sa primeasca o bratara pentru a intra la eveniment.

In ziua de 25.10.2024, un reprezentant al studioului de dans sau coregraful dansatorilor inscrisi, va trebui sa participe la sedinta tehnica premergatoare evenimentului. La sedinta tehnica acesta va primi de la organizator, pachetul ce va contine bratarile de acces pentru toti dansatorii inscrisi, desfasuratorul final al celor doua zile de eveniment si va primi toate informatiile suplimentare legate de competitia WOD Romania.


Locul si ora sedintei tehnice vor fi anuntate suplimentar pe canalele de comunicare ale evenimentului (facebook, instagram)



Toti spectatorii si persoanele insotitoare pot achizitiona bilete de intrare. Informatii despre preturile biletelor si un link pentru achizitie vor fi disponibile pe paginile de socializare ale evenimentului precum si pe site.



Numarul de bilete este limitat.

Vânzarea biletelor poate fi inchisa in orice moment fara notificare.

La fata locului, in ziua evenimentului , nu se vor putea achizitiona bilete de intrare.





Dimensiunea zonei de lucru a scenei principale: 12m latime, 9m adancime minim. *poate fi rearanjat si extins pana la 14m latime si 10m adancime.

Din cauza constrângerilor de timp, repetitiile tehnice NU pot fi organizate pe scena principala.




Vor exista 2 (doua) incaperi in interiorul cladirii locatiei (separat barbati / femei), pe care participantii le pot folosi pentru a-si lasa imbracamintea exterioara. Pentru schimbarea in costume de scena se poate folosi orice spatiu liber din afara salii efective de concurs, dar fara obturarea spatiilor ce tin de locurile iesirilor de incendiu.




  1. PREMII 


Romania World Of Dance Championship Series acorda premii echipelor de dans ai caror participantii s-au clasat pe locurile 1, 2 si 3 ale fiecarei divizii.


Echipa ce va cumula punctajul cel mai mare al editiei WOD Romania 2023, dintre Câstigatorii locului I ai categoriei Junior Team Division si Team Division si care cumulativ indeplinesc si conditia obtinerii unui punctaj minim de 80 puncte, va primi Marele Trofeu al Competitiei care consta intr-un premiu in bani. Valoarea premiului va fi anuntata pe canalele media. 


Premii suplimentare vor fi acordate in unele categorii pentru cea mai buna tema, cel mai bun costum si reactia publicului. Premiile pentru fiecare categorie in parte vor fi anuntate pe canalele media ale evenimentului WOD Romania (facebook, instagram)


Premiile acordate sunt impozabile si se impoziteaza conform reglementarilor legale in vigoare, din Romania.




Atentie: Inregistrându-va ca participant, ati citit si acceptati urmatoarele conditii:


Organizatorii recomanda insistent ca toti participantii sa aiba o asigurare de sanatate valabila la data evenimentului. In caz de vatamare a participantilor in timpul festivalului, organizatorii, in lipsa unei astfel de asigurari, nu sunt raspunzatori de sanatatea participantilor.


Daca aveti nevoie de documente care sa confirme prezenta dumneavoastra la evenimentul nostru, va rugam sa informati in prealabil organizatorii pentru a le pregati din timp.


Organizatorii nu sunt raspunzatori pentru accidentele participantilor sau altor persoane in timpul evenimentului.


Persoana care inregistreaza unul sau mai multi participanti, in primul rând, trebuie sa obtina permisiunea oficiala de la persoanele sau reprezentantii oficiali ai persoanelor pe care le inregistreaza, pentru a divulga date cu caracter personal in sistemul de inregistrare. O persoana care inregistreaza unul sau mai multi participanti, nu are dreptul de a plasa date personale ale altor persoane fara a obtine permisiunea oficiala de la aceste persoane sau de la reprezentantii lor legali.


O persoana care inregistreaza unul sau mai multi participanti este considerata reprezentantul oficial al participantilor inregistrati de acesta.


Acest acord public se aplica oricarui participant inregistrat la eveniment si oricarui vizitator la eveniment.


Prin inregistrarea dumneavoastra sau a persoanelor din echipa dumneavoastra de dans, dumneavoastra si membrii echipei va dati acordul automat cu prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal.


Orice date personale primite in timpul inregistrarii unui participant, spectator, antrenor sau insotitor nu vor fi transferate catre terti si vor fi alocate la cerere catre corespondenta oficiala a evenimentului.


Prin finalizarea procedurii de inregistrare, sunteti automat de acord ca va asumati toata responsabilitatea pentru utilizarea drepturilor de autor si/sau a drepturilor conexe (fragmente de lucrari muzicale si/sau opere muzicale in intregime) si toate posibilele contestatii si/sau revendicari ale detinatorilor de drepturi de autor vor fi rezolvat de catre dumneavoastra in mod independent (fara implicarea Organizatorului) in conformitate cu procedura stabilita de legislatia in vigoare a Romaniei. Organizatorii si partenerii evenimentului WOD Romania nu sunt responsabili pentru utilizarea de catre dvs. a drepturilor de autor si/sau a drepturilor conexe in timpul evenimentului si afisarea acestor evenimente in timp real si/sau in inregistrarea prin Internet.


Prin finalizarea procedurii de inregistrare, renuntati in totalitate la orice drepturi asupra materialelor foto si video realizate in cadrul proiectului, care va infatiseaza pe dumneavoastra (sau performanta dumneavoastra) si/sau proprietatea dumneavoastra si recunoasteti dreptul deplin al Organizatorilor de a utiliza materialele de mai sus la discretia lor., inclusiv in scopuri editoriale, comerciale, inclusiv, dar fara a se limita la, prin afisarea unor astfel de materiale in timp real si/sau inregistrarea prin Internet, precum si in orice alte scopuri.


Rambursarile in cazul refuzului de participare sunt luate in considerare individual dupa eveniment in fiecare caz. Este posibil ca rambursarile sa nu fie efectuate sau sa nu fie integral in functie de decizia Organizatorului. Organizatorul isi rezerva dreptul de a nu efectua rambursari. Organizatorul nu compenseaza nicio pierdere financiara si morala a participantilor si spectatorilor. 


In momentul inscrierii la eveniment, participantii si spectatorii renunta automat la orice pretentie impotriva Organizatorului. Rambursari pentru participare, bilete pentru spectatori si cursuri de tip Workshop, in cazul amânarii evenimentului din cauza de forta majora (actiuni militare, restrictii privind desfasurarea evenimentelor in masa, carantina etc. Fondurile sunt depuse de catre Organizator pentru participarea la evenimentul amânat. Data si locul evenimentului amânat vor fi anuntate suplimentar. Organizatorul nu compenseaza nicio pierdere financiara si morala a participantilor si spectatorilor. La momentul inscrierii la eveniment, participantii si spectatorii renunta automat la orice pretentie impotriva Organizatorului.



Succes! Ne vedem la World of Dance Championship Series – ROMANIA 2024


Va multumim,

Echipa #WODRO24